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The Taoyuan City Fire Bureau Cup of Basketball Championships held on November 25, 106, is hosted by the Taoyuan City Fire Station, and by the Central Police University Department of Fire Services to help handle, so that the brigade gathered in order to make the business heavy Firefighting colleagues through this type of leisure activities to relieve the usual work pressure, so that physical and mental health; not only that, learn from each other skills also let colleagues from all brigades have more contacts and promote the exchange of emotions.
You can see their concentration on the court, trying their best to cut into the floor or outside the basket, do not miss any chance to score; In addition, where they do not emphasize personal heroism, but through tactical Use, the spirit of teamwork on weekdays firefighters brought to the pitch. In addition to the fierce five-to-five match-ups as well as the more moderate midline pitches, the ones who cast the most in a given number of balls are victorious and add a lot of fun to the live events.
Due to the cooperation of the contestants and the dedication of the off-site staff, the match was successfully carried out and the game was finally concluded.
Congratulations to the fire department Chen Huoyan teacher retired.
Wish teacher chen happy retirement, good health, peace and joy!
Congratulations Teacher Lin Yijun promoted to professor
85-1 Fire Department of the new activities
Welcome to 81-1 senior about special test experience sharing.
All in Department of Fire Science congratulate Associate Professor Huang Ching-Te to retire on 8/1.
We wish Associate Professor Huang Ching-Te will be happy and healthy every day after retiring.
The important event [ 2015-08-17 ]
The direcor of Fire in CPU is changes from August 1st 2015 . The Professor , Tzu-Sheng Shen will act as thehe direcor of Fire in CPU .
Content:About the death of six firefighters in Sin-Wu Fire
place: a lecture room
time: 10-11 in the morning